Basic question : How to apply a xMb limit to all my IP ?

  • Hi guys,
    I have roughly no technical knowledge about network setting and firewalling or anything…but I had to take in charge some part of the pfSense configuration...So here I am.
    I managed (thank to a previous topics) to block some IP from my internal network to access the internet but now I want to go further in the configuration and give a max bandwith for each internal IP.
    I have a 20MB download bandwith that is used by approx. 40 people, I want to be sure that no one is using more than 15% of the bandwith (e.g. 3MB). How can I do that ?
    I did some tests on the traffic shapper menu : I declared a 3Mb limiter on the source addresses but I'm sure that it's useless if I dont  link this limiter to something... (and indeed in the traffic graph and can see some happy users way over the 3Mb limit). That's where I'm lost. How can i say "hey apply this limiter on my whole traffic" ?

    thanks for you help


  • just to let you know that I found how to set this up (add a firewall rule with in/out parameter).

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