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  • i installed pfsenes 2.0.3 on a machine with three two network cards and one wireless card (d-link dwa-520). After installation, i wanted to separate my wired from my wireless so i gave them different subnet, wired network is and wireless is both with separate dhcp. My problem is i cant access internet on my wireless device even though dhcp is able to issue addresses to client but i can access internet on the wired. i created a firewall rule for the wireless to allow all traffic but still cant access internet.

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    I don't really understand why anyone would be installing 2.03 currently..  Why not the current stable 2.1

    I also don't understand why anyone would use a wireless card to provide anything to their network on pfsense.  If you want wireless for your network then use an AP for whatever network segment you want wireless to be connected too.

    I run wireless on its own segment as well  If you create a rule on that interface to allow traffic you should be good.  Can clients on your wireless ping pfsense IP on that interface?

    What exact rule did you setup?  Can you post a screenshot of it.

  • I have a couple of Alix2D13 with Atheros WiFi cards at some sites that really need to minimise power use. The WiFi card is assigned to OPT2, pass rule/s added on OPT2 and it works/routes like any other local-LAN-style interface. I guess there will be a little "blip" to find somewhere in your setup…

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