DHCP Relay Issue

  • Hey everybdy,

    i´m new to pfsense so maybe the answer to my question is pretty simple.

    I´m trying to setup pfsense as a captive portal behind my actual firewall until we´ll replace the old FW with the pfsense.

    For that i´d like to relay dhcp requests sent to the optional interface to the dhcp server from the wan interface (my firewall)

    So i enabled dhcp relay on optional and entered the IP of the DHCP Server of my firewall.
    I can ping that ip from the pfsense so general communication is given.

    Under the dcp relay theres the following info:
    "Select "Proxy requests to DHCP server on WAN subnet" to relay DHCP packets to the server that was used on the WAN interface. "

    what is pretty much what i´m trying to do


    i can´t find this option anywhere, it´s not under the dhcp relay options.

    Do you guys know where to find that option?

  • i also added 2 firewall rules

    • interface WAN allow ANY
    • Interface OPT allow ANY

    but its still not working, the firewall log doesnt show any blocked packages (after i added these rules)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    where is that info your reading about wan and dhcp relay?

    Also why would you do such a thing? Are you not natting and just routing/firewall?

    This is a temp setup - why would you not just allow pfsense to hand out dhcp for its lan segment.. It by default nats its lan to wan - so does not really matter what IPs the boxes on the lan side of pfsense use.  Especially if this is just a temp setup.

  • just a cosmetic reason but i managed it with the pfsense dhcp server, thanks anyway

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