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  • Hi, dear community!

    I can't find through forums any information, how to activate windows, when I use SQUID not in transparent mode. I have several MAK and I don't want to call to M$ every 180 days toactivate it by phone. I know that I can manually edit, but what is the rule and where it should be kept I don't pretend. Can somebody help me with this problem.

    Thank you!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you are not using transparent mode, the firewall can't help you. You can add the sites to Windows' proxy bypass list on the client side. (See attached pic)

    Or if you have the clients pick up their proxy settings from WPAD, the wpad config script can list sites to bypass the proxy.

  • Thank you very much!

    I made exception such as * Everything is fine. Unfortunately direct links doesn't work, because IE don't understand CRL lists.

    Thanks again

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