Internet over PPPoE is lose connection when starting Teamviewer on mac book

  • Hello,

    i´ve got a problem with teamviewer, a macbook and a pfsense PPPoE Connection.
    When i start the teamviewer connection and paste the password for the teamviewer session, the session is down and the internet connection too.
    I must reboot the dsl modem from my isp to get connection again. That happend only with the macbook. Works fine with other windows pc´s.
    Befor i use the pfsense, it still works fine.
    The firewall rules are the default with full access.

    What i done till yet:

    • Stopping the squid service –> Issue
    • configure the mtu size of my wan connection (default 1500 now 1492) ---> Issue
    • test with other clients (windows. ---> work fine)
    • test macbook over wlan and cable ---> Issue

    The Connection brake only when starting Teamviewer, normal tasks at the internet and so on are still working fine.

    Does anybody have a idea to solve this problem?

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