PFSense - Equal Cost Multi-Path Routing with Carp

  • We're trying to build some fail over into our new co-location facility.  I was asked questions by the Data Center that had me for a loss.

    Currently we are using just one PFSense box with a single WAN connection.

    In our new facility we are going to have 2 WAN connections.  I was asked if we were going to have devices capable of doing "Equal Cost Multi Path Routing"  Can the PFSense do this. while utilizing 2 routers?

    My thought was to have the 2 internet connections come into 2 switches which then feed into the 2 PFSense machines.  With one /27 Network for us.  But we will have 2 gateways.

    I have uploaded the copy of the Visio doc they sent me.  (IP addresses changed to protect the innocent)

    Is there a guide that you can point out that would assist me with this?

    ![colo setup.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/colo setup.PNG)
    ![colo setup.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/colo setup.PNG_thumb)

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