Traffic shapper is off but traffic still limited

  • Hi.
    I have very strange problem.
    We have 3 local server
    and pfsense

    I am testing LAN speed from 1 to 4 and max download speed is 1,2MB/s.
    When I turn off or reboot pfsense LAN speed is 80MB/s.

    Status: Traffic shaper: Queues
    Traffic shaping is not configured.
    2.1-RELEASE (i386)

    Any idea what is wrong and how can I debug it?

  • Please explain in more detail. Is the pfsense the LAN router and gateway for the other two computers? If LAN-LAN is allowed through your switches (no source port filter, no vlan) then I cannot see how a third router or server on LAN should be able to influence on that.

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