Backup/restore feature giving pfsense tag error ?

  • Hi while I am getting grips with pfsense install,  I have had to reinstall it dozens of times since the backup/restore feature is not working properly, I must be doing something silly here.

    I go to diagnostics>back/restore

    Hit download configuration button

    It downloads "diag_backup.php"

    When I want to restore it I click browse, find the file above and hit restore and it comes up with

    "The following input errors were detected:

    You have selected to restore the full configuration but we could not locate a pfsense tag"

    Any idea?  thx!

  • Netgate Administrator

    That is the page not the file. Thd file you should download is config.xml
    Not sure why that's happening. Have you tried different browsers?


  • Some download managers are too stupid and grab the php file, and not the file that the php is going to send it. I had this trouble with FreeDownloadManager - had to cancel and the built-in Firefox downloader would take over and do the right thing.

  • thanks guys yes you were both right I was using free download manager.  Clicked cancel and then the xml config file popped right back up, its a life saver and now I can try and mess about with the other settings to get my other ports working knowing I can restore at will :)

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