• posting this for other users with same goals and/or projects.

    i wanted to install a full 2.1 pfsense to a cf card with cf to ide adapter on a pc since my hd was slowly dieing.
    read lots of tuts on embedded installs but didnt want that.
    found some tuts on a full  install but most say it would be tricky to do and if done it would eventually fry the card, i didnt care if it did as this is my home network.
    on booting up livecd it would hang after detecting the cfcard, but it did correctly identify it.
    tried setting dma=0 and/or safe boot it would complete the livecd bootup but with big illegal errors but a search revealed that i can ignore those errors.
    got it installed to cfcard but console and gui were unresponsive after a short time, figured that it was not possible todo a full install.
    got me thinking maybe it was a bad burn, checked md5 and all was good, then i thought it was the cdrom in the pfsense box that was going bad so did a live usb stick install, it bootup normally, using the usb boot option,  and installed normally onto the cfcard w/out any errors and ran fine afterwards, finally!!!
    thinking the my 16gb card was bad or the ide adapter was not compatible or the crappy bios in my dell machine was the problem it was because of a flaky cdrom, dah.

    conclusion, if you want to do a full 2.1  pfsense i386 install on a pc to a cf card its the same method as a hd install, theres nothing special that needs to be performed and you could always tweek it to perform less writes to the card after installation.

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