Dnsmasq stopped working

  • When I woke up today my internet didn't work. I tracked the error down to dnsmasq. My clients don't get an IP from my dns forwarder. The pfsense firewall itself cannot resolve ips, too.

    I have a multiwan setup. One gateway is down, which is NOT the standard gateway. I already restarted the dnsqmasq and the whole firewall. The problem persists. I don't know what to do. It should work.

    Edit: It seems like the pfsense box can't reach the internet while the clients can. A ping from the pfsense shell gives me a timeout.

  • In System->General Setup, make sure you specify a DNS server for each WAN. Then when 1 WAN is down, there will still be a DNS server reachable on the other WAN.
    e.g. on WAn1, on WAN2
    If you have a reasonable "ordinary" configuration (e.g. 1 LAN with 2 real WANs to the internet) then you can also enable default gateway switching (in System->Advanced Miscellaneous tab) and then the default route will switch over and pfSense itself will get to the internet from the shell.

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