Virtual IP addresses with own Mac address

  • Hello all,

    How can I set a specific Mac address for virtual IP addresses ?

    If it's not possible, can you tell me if I am right or wrong : it seems that pfSense didn't support multiple WAN interface (sharing the same gateway). Is this right ?

    If not, how can I do that ?

    My problem is that I must uses 4 IP WAN addresses but each IP has their own Mac address (mandatory for networking).


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you must have IPs with a unique MAC address, use CARP type VIPs. You cannot manually specify the MAC address, but it will get its own unique MAC.

    You cannot have the same gateway on multiple interfaces, but some people have setup several interfaces to the same WAN when they were required to pull IPs from DHCP. It has some quirks but can work.

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