Newbie: No Internet after Setup Wizard

  • I'm a total newbie to this and my knowledge is quite limited as I've never setup a network or firewall, etc (though I do learn things quickly, but have a limited knowledge base in this area)

    I ran the setup wizard for pfSense, and in the dashboard it appears to recognize the WAN (have Internet plugged into the nextgate m1n1wall WAN port, computer plugged into LAN port to config/run wizard), and it gives WAN an address of, green arrow above along with full duplex.

    But the very same computer cannot access any internet sites when I open another tab in the browser.

    Is there a setting I missed or do I need to define something further?

    (Trying to setup a home network to connect other devices, game systems, network capable audio/video receivers, etc)

  • did u set up the interfaces while doing the install, what are your interfaces named as the one you state doesnt seem right and the wan ip is wrong

  • Sorry for the lack of knowledge, but by "interfaces" do you mean identifying each component connected (or to be connected, bc at the time nothing was connected except my laptop and the modem)?

    If my WAN is wrong, how do I find the correct WAN address and change it?

  • the wan address will be gotten from the modem, you cannot change it as it gets it from your modem.
    watch some youtube videos for installing pfsense and on setting up the interfaces aka nics

  • Can you or anyone recommend a good YouTube tutorial on it? The only one I found mentioning setting up interfaces was the NoBlueScreen channel and he merely says, "here's where you setup interfaces" but he doesn't show how or what's done?!?

    All the other videos make this sound like after the setup wizard it's just plug-n-play - that's why I'm wondering if I didn't check a box I was supposed to or define something else b/c everyone breezes over it and makes it sound like I should have connectivity, etc.

  • Your WAN is getting a private IP in - so  guess you have plugged it in to the internet modem/router that then goes to your ISP. That is fine for now while learning. Later you probably want to put the internet modem/router into bridge mode so it passes through the real internet IP to pfSense.
    Your problem is likely that your LAN is also subnet (e.g. LAN IP Having the same IPs on WAN and LAN side won't work. Run the wizard again and specify a different subnet for the LAN - pick another more obscure number in 192.168 - e.g.

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