• Hi all,

    :( i'm really desperate and i hope i can fin any help here.

    I bought a x1250E from ebay. I planed to install pfsense onto it.

    All was good but the flash seemed to not work. After visiting a few blogs, i tried to open (with mod6bin) the bin file delivered within those differents tutos.

    i flashed and rebooted the box…. but until this last action, the box seems to be bricked : no beeps, no information on lcd, no access to freedos through putty at 9600….

    Please help …..if ppssible

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, I've never had to try and recover the bios on that box. You might need to do using an external chip reader since it has a removeable bios ROM. Another alternative is that most bioses have some part of the code that isn't normally flashable and that often has some way of recovering from a bad flash. For instance it can be putting the good bios file on a drive named a specific thing. I'd have to investigate that.

    What did you modify with modbin6?


  • in fact i was during the difficult step of entering the bios to set up the boot from cf larger than 256 mo.

    As i hadn't any information about the success of the flash, i had the idea of modifying the bios to print up an specific information in BIOSID to know if my loaded BIOS is the original or another.

    So i modifyed the bios to add 'test' in the information/vers ion of the bios.

    I saved that and flash the bios with this bin file…. and brick…

    Ok so now i have to find a jtag like to rebuild/reflash a good binfile (with console redirect to serial).

    Thanks for your help Stephen. If you have any reference of hardware or anything else….don't hesitate.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The bios image on the CF card, x750eb7.bin, already has a modified description in BiosID. You have to reboot before the new image is read into ram but you should then be able to see easily if has flashed successfully.
    I'm not sure there is a JTAG (or similar) header. I think you'll have to either get an external ROM flasher or attempt to hot flash if you have access to another box.


  • Too hard for me…..

    I bought yesterday a jetway mobo at a really good price so i'm going to build a little PF box.

    Thks for aller Steve.

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