Two ISPS to access one server via RDP (Concurrent)

  • Hello,

    Just downloaded and installed pfSense. Here is what I want to accomplish. I have two ISPS, (ISP1 & ISP2) I want both to be active in accepting remote connections via RDP to SERVER-1.

    ISP1 has 100Mbit/35Mbit
    ISP2 has 20Mbit/2Mbit

    Both are DHCP WAN IP, so i need support for two ddns:

    Client can access there RDP either through or (both WAN IP will get them to there same RDP)
    Now for outgoing connections, I want it to be routed out via ISP1 as it has more bandwidth.

    Is this possible, or not recommended? or what is best practice and recommendations you guys think of?



  • There will be no problem with Dynamic DNS - you can define an entry for each ISP (on WAN1 and WAN2) so each Dynamic DNS name stays updated with the current public IP of ISP1 and ISP2. Then you can port-forward whatever ports you like from each WAN independently to the same backend LAN-side IP address of the server.
    About RDP - I am not sure what list of ports you will have to forward and the resulting security of all that being directly accessible from the public internet for "random" people to attempt connections. Personally I would put an OpenVPN "Road-Warrior" server on the pfSense, listening on both WANs (or failing over from one to the other if you want it to prefer a particular WAN or…). Then have the remote users connect by OpenVPN - they are then authenticated well and become part of your private network. Then they can RDP or whatever to wherever.
    Others will also have an opinion about that...