Quagga OSPF Multiple Routes in Kernel

  • I have two sites with pfsense boxes. Each site has 3 DSL connections and over each dsl connection i have created an OpenVPN site to site connection. I have installed Quagga OSPF package and configured it to work over all three vpn interfaces and my lan interfaces.
    My problem is that while on Quagga OSPF status i see three routes in the kernel routing table there is only one. I thought OSPF was supposed to load balance between same cost links and this seems that it does not. Moreover if i try tracerouting there is always one connection used.
    If i use BGP instead of OSPF will i be able to solve the problem????

    Any help will be much appreciated.Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    OSPF won't load balance, at least not that I've ever seen. Might be FreeBSD-specific.

    I'm not sure that BGP would either but it might.

  • all the posts i can find make it clear that quagga supports ECMP routes on linux/openbsd/?
    i figure pfSense or Freebsd or the combination of both does NOT ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FreeBSD needs special kernel options that we do not include to support ECMP (RADIX_MPATH). Last I knew in the version we have in 2.0.x and 2.1 it was not quite production-ready, though it may be usable in FreeBSD 10.x I am not sure what impact/interaction it may have with our system in general. It's not a simple switch to throw.

  • i remember someone asking a similar question in  the Q&A session on BSDcon in the netherlands a while ago (around the time of the 2.0 - release)
    If i remember correctly, Ermal pointed out that it wasn't production ready and that implementing it in pfSense would be a huge undertaking. (adding/removing routes would need changes/special attention etc etc etc)

    Still i hope it will be a feature in one of the future versions. I think, it would also solve a lot of the multi-wan "hacking" that is required today (ie squid/vpn/…)

    Keep up the good work