Problem with portforwarding rules and multi wan

  • hey guys, merry xmas :)

    i´ve got two wan interfaces:

    -SDSL with 5 IPs from my ISP (I used that IP´s with Virtual IP technic of pfsense)

    I´m running squid. My pfsense has the version 2.1 (x64).

    I don´t want to make load balancing or failover with the two wan interfaces. I simply want to use the ADSL wan interface for LAN (Clients and so on) and the SDSL wan for connecting with OpenVPN as RoadWarrior or connecting over https to my mailserver with smartphones and tablets.

    There are my filewall rules:

    There are my Gateways:

    When i now change the gateway (from default) at the LAN rules into my ADSL Gateway like this:

    I can´t access via OpenVPN or receive mails over https…

    Anybody knows the issue about that?

  • the issue was the squid proxy. when i run the pfsense without squid is everything all right.