Lightsquid error on pfSense on ESXi

  • Hi guys,

    i've got the following issue on my pfSense. It runs virtual on an ESXi.

    I use the following versions:
    pfSense: 2.1-RELEASE (i386)
    lightsquid: 1.8.0 pkg v.2.33
    squid: 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.3

    squid config:
    proxy interface: LAN, OPT1
    log store directory: /var/squid/logs

    I read through many posts, tried their solutions: refresh now and refresh full in proxy report, reinstalled squid and lightsquid - nothing works.

    Error : report folder '/var/lightsquid/report' not contain any valid data! Please run (and check 'report' folder content)
    Please check config file !

    $tplpatph /usr/pbi/lightsquid-i386/www/lightsquid/tpl
    $templatename base
    $langpatph /usr/pbi/lightsquid-i386/share/lightsquid/lang
    $langname eng
    $reportpath /var/lightsquid/report
    Access to '/var/lightsquid/report' folder yes
    $graphreport 1

    Could anybody help me please?