PfSense keeps removing interface (Apple USB)

  • I have a set up that is trying to use an Apple USB dongle for a DMZ interface.

    After initial boot I can configure, use the set up DMZ interface to reach the DMZ hosts, etc., etc.

    However, after an certain amount of time (i.e. checking in the next morning) the USB interface has disappeared from pfSense and I am not able to re-enable it. The USB interface does not appear in Interfaces -> Assign even.

    I'm a pfsense n00b so likely missing something obvious.

    Not sure if this is a red herring but the keyboard is connected to a USB KVM.

    Any pointers?

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    There should be some indication of what happened in the system logs.

    If the device disappears, it's because it disappeared from the USB port, meaning the OS lost contact with the device.

    Perhaps the device has some kind of built-in power save or similar that the driver isn't tickling properly.

    One of many reasons that USB NICs should be avoided at all costs.

  • Thanks.

    I'll check the logs when I get a chance tonight.

    The system in question is based on an old VIA EPIA M10000N board so there are not a lot of options since the mobo eth is internal and the one in the PCI slot is the ISP. It's just a cobble togther of a bunch of hardware I had lying around at home to replace an older Apple Airport Extreme.

    I guess I could try to find a low profile dual NIC for the PCI slot. USB NIC should work though, no?

  • Are VLANs an option to you?
    VLAN capable switches can be had quite cheap these days.

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    USB NICs in general aren't great, regardless of OS. The FreeBSD drivers for some of them tend to be pretty unreliable. This might just be that your USB NIC isn't well supported in FreeBSD, though I wouldn't expect the NIC to completely disappear in that case. Usually when there are driver issues, the NIC still shows up, but it just doesn't work right or at all. That might be a general USB problem with your system. One thing you might want to check is if you have the latest BIOS on the system, sometimes that fixes weird issues along these lines.

    VLANs might be a good option instead.