PfSense on x750e - Can't get putty to display pfSense boot output?


    Those are the instructions I followed.

    I successfully wrote the new BIOS to the OEM CF card, successfully flashed the new BIOS to the x750e, successfully rebooted and accessed the new BIOS.

    I then used windiskimager to flash the nanobsd i386 2gb .img(not the gz) to my new Kingston 4gb which appeared to have been successful.  I booted the x750e, entered BIOS, changed it to auto detect/ide manual/ide chs/heads 2, saved and exited BIOS, x750e rebooted and I saw BIOS post, then some information and it just hangs there.  At this point the above instructions tell me to reboot putty @ 9600 baud which I've been doing.  I still don't get any output.

    I then tried booting the x750e with putty set to 9600 baud and no flow control, same thing.  If I boot with putty at 9600 I see this grey/green thing on putty that looks like a loading bar but it doesn't move that much and will set as long as I let it.

    Have I done something wrong or is this CF card not able to be read/booted from?

  • Don't mind me, I'm an idiot!  :P :-[

    The pfSense I downloaded and wrote to CF was a VGA version.  Got the basic nanobsd 2gb and I'm watching pfSense boot as I type this.

    Now I just need to figure out how to get multiple ports attached to a single LAN(i.e., ports 1/2/3/4/5/6 = LAN and port 7 = OPT).

  • Netgate Administrator