• i have searched and others are in a similar boat.  pfsense doesn't act the same as windows DHCP reservation.  i get that i can setup multiple pools.  no issues with that.  here is what i don't get.

    i setup a static mapping for 1 computer on my network, it completed the process w/o any errors.  the main issue i see is that i dont see the ip address of the device, only the mac address.

    i have a program i can run on my PC to show me the IP and mac of the devices on my network, but how can i find out the IP from the pfsense gui?

    if i set a static IP on my device i would know what that static ip is.

    there must be something obvious that i am missing in the gui.


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    On the bottom of the dhcp server you should see your static leases - this shows you the IP, where are you looking?

    If you talking about if you look at all the leases and they don't show online for all static ones?

    This is just because pfsense has not had a reason to have those IPs in its arp table if say ping them from pfsense then they show online.

  • i see me 1 static mapped device with the mac and the red icon on the right, but the IP field is blank, which is why i made this thread.

    same thing happens if i try with a windows PC, it shows the mac, but the IP field is blank.

    i know the IP, the device is online, i am connected to it via the webgui, it is a test machine running Open Media Vault.

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    did you leave it blank?  When you create a static you need to put in what IP you want it to use ;)

  • it said if you leave it blank it will assign one, i didn't have a problem with it assigning one, i just want it to tell me the IP.

    i guess it doesn't work that way.

  • No it doesn't work that way, the only reason it lets you add that without an IP is for users who use the option to only assign IPs to known listed MACs.