Need to port forwarding of another subnet's private IP to pfsense WAN IP

  • Hi Everyone!
    we have a network setup as attached image.we need to access PMI server's private IP from outside network.To make it work we  have setup pfsense and connected its LAN interface to Server's vlan2.just because PMI server's VLAN2 is configured for inter-vlan communication,so we can ping that private ip on our LAN interface.
    Now for communicating this private IP it to outsde PBX,we do port forwarding of port 5010 to WAN IP port 5010 in Pfsense.

    All needs to work now :),but when i use telnet in my pbx with its WAN IP and Port to check its connectivity,Its not connecting anymore and replied with Timeout. :(

    Can anyone please figure out where i'm wrong?? and what i need to do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.