Sonicwall pro and pfsense

  • I ran across this old box and was wondering if it was worthwhile to try to load psfense on it for home use or is it just to old to use.  The labels and tags all say sonicwall pro on it.  No other markings or additional numbers on it. Has 10/100 ports for lan, wan, and dmz.  Unfortunately for me, the only only output on the serial connection that i get is the user prompt (which I don't know).
    So, I can make use of this hardware for anything?  or should I just save my time and put it on the junk pile?
    Thanks for your comments

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Odds are, it's bound for the junk pile.

    Unless you can definitively locate a model number for the unit and confirm it can actually boot an arbitrary x86 OS, and then maybe there is a chance, but truthfully you're better off leaving it on the scrap heap and getting a bit of known-good kit.

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    If it's the 2040, the cheapest pro model, then not easily.,57485.0.html

    One user managed to run a Sonicwall box by miraculously swapping out the bios rom with one from a similar box.,20095.msg384728/topicseen.html#msg384728


  • well actually I think this box is even older than that 2040. 
    I decided to pull the cover and see what is inside it. 
    The only intel chip I saw also had 1997 printed on it.  It had two memory sticks.  one said 4MB, the other 8MB.  probably a flash memory stick and one for dram.  no heat sinks on any chips and no fans.  no cf card. 
    I doubt it has the capacity to load pfsense or the horsepower to be very useful.
    Thanks for your replies.  But, this is going out the door.

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    Ah, ok. Well if it's that old it may not been locked down.
    Might still be a suitable candidate for m0n0wall or OpenWRT (x86). Probably only as an interesting project though.


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