[SOLVED] webgui hangs after changing LAN to

  • Fresh install. Everything works fine until I change the LAN IP to Then when I attempt to log into the webgui, I get the password screen, I enter credentials, the screen goes blank and hangs. Internet access and ssh still work.  I can set the IP to any other subnet and everything is fine.  Any ideas?

  • more information:
    It appears that the web interface IS responding with the dashboard page, but Firefox never completes the load or displays it. View-Source shows what appears to be a complete page.  It works OK with IE (after a bit of a delay).  I can continue at this point but still don't understand why there would be a problem with only this 1 subnet…perhaps some Firefox plugin or some exception in the javascript?

  • where u using another router with same subnet and using firefox to open the config page, if yes then delete the cache, history, certificates

  • vincom -  Yes; I was using this browser to talk to the previous firewall at this IP.  Deleting the certificate for this IP did the trick.  Good catch!  Thank you.

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