Check_reload_status high cpu (ipv6 issue?)

  • So I've got the following setup:

    Netgear cable modem (comcast) for IPV6 trial with ipv4 dynamic IP & ipv6 connetivity (16/3)
    Netgear cable modem (comcast) for my normal /28 with ipv4 connectivity. (50/10)

    I've noted my pfsense vm is hitting high cpu usage when downloading on the 50/10 connection so I've decided to do a fresh install on an atom 330 board (2G ram, 32G ssd) I have sitting around.

    So far so good.

    After moving my aliases over, and adding in pfblocker, check_reload_status is 70-100% cpu usage around the clock.  I disabled pf blocker in the gui and this didn't fix the problem.

    Anyone know why this might be happening?

    The only packages I've installed:

    • PFBlocker
    • BIND9 (not setup yet)

    I did a find /var/log -mmin -5 and looked at what showed up & I don't see any log file scrolling crazily…

    EDIT:  Turning off IPV6 (set to DHCPV6) seemed to fix this.  Is my setup wonky or is this a bug?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You may like to read through this, unsolved, thread and see if the finding there line up with yours:,70773.0.html

    There was/is a known issue that might be effecting you:


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