Nullmodem without rs232 on notebook

  • Hi,

    i just copied pfSense (embedded) 1.2 RC3 onto a CF card and put it into my fx5620 device from linitx. Boot video output was ok until the "/" which is ok according to wiki. Unfortunately everything else regarding video and communication in general will be directed to COM1. Now the problem. I am using a Macbook Pro and here i dont have a serial interface. So i cant use a plain nullmodem cable.

    Are there any guys on this forum who also only have USB on their PCs? What should i do now?

    BTW M0n0wall does a better job here, because there video and keyboard is still there after finishing boot sequence and there i can configure normally.

    If there is no hardware solution then i could go with the default IP address right and use a cross-networkcable or something and directly attach it to my macbook. What is the default IP ?


  • I use a converter.
    usb to com

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