Sarg reporting

  • Hi I've been messing with Sarg reports for months trying to get what I want out of it. Its important I get it working since we only have a 20GB limit with 3 teenagers so I'm needing to monitor it like crazy so my bills don't go through the roof!

    Basically I just want to get a daily report for a 24h period second by second. I'm currently relying on bandwidthd to total the 24h usage for me. I would like to have Sarg and bandwidthd show the same 24h usage.

    What I'm finding is it doesn't matter how many days are in my squid access log. Sarg only produces a report based on what appears to be only a few hours and not the entire day or week?

    My access log has a few weeks of traffic in it.

    I've tried setting the Sarg arg to -d date +%d/%m/%Y-date +%d/%m/%Y and removing the arg completely and it produces the same report?

    Help with this would be much appreciated. thanks

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