WatchGuard units available for purchase in the South-Central Ontario area

  • Hello all,
    I could not find a for sale area so hopefully it is OK to post here.
    If any of you are in the South-Central Ontario area and are interested in either a WatchGuard x550e or x750e, please PM me.
    I have 2pc of x550e both upgraded to 1GB RAM, 1pc with rack ears, 1pc without.
    I have 1pc of x750e upgraded to 2GB RAM with rack ears.
    I also have a WatchGuard hard drive sled/cage with an 80GB HDD installed in it that could easily be used with any of the units.
    All units are in great shape and fully operational with their factory OS and very ready for a pfSense install.
    Again, please PM me if there is any interest within Ontario's extended GTA … unless you're up for a longer drive.  :)
    Cheers all ... and Happy New Year !

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