Way to log all traffic/squidify a subnet?

  • Hey guys, odd/curious question. I have a Wireless Access Point setup (2 actually) and was curious. Is there a way to monitor all in/out traffic (where the users are going, etc) on the wireless network, but keep all wired (or even 'trusted' clients) exempt from that logging, or not affect that traffic in any way? If this request doesn't make sense, let me know, but basically, I just want a way to see what all is happening on the Guest Wireless network (It's not VLAN'd off… yet).

  • So when you say 'it's not VLAN'd off yet', you mean that everything is in the same network space, correct?

    The LAN and the Wireless network would be the same network then, so you would need a way to intercept and log packets from just the AP's.

    Is it possible? Yea… With Squid most likely... but it will be a pain. Better to just enable Squid globally, and give DHCP reservations to your LAN computers so you can differentiate between wired/wireless hosts.

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