Dell R210 in the pfSense Store

  • I love to see the R210 replace the R200 in your store. For me the form factor is great on the 210. It's a short depth server and likely could be racked without rails.

  • The R200s were donated in bulk by a supporter of the project. We use somewhere around 20 of them for testing and development purposes internally, but have another 100+ of them that we're selling, after having gone through full hardware diagnostics and flashing the BIOS and other firmware to the latest revisions. Those will only be offered until they're all sold, as opposed to the other options there that are all brand new hardware that will be offered as long as those models are available (or until a better option becomes available).

    I don't think we'll end up stocking any similar equipment long term (rather extend our offerings with other new hardware platforms), it's just a means of making some money for the project by selling the excess donations. They make solid firewalls.

  • Based on the personal performance testing of the R300 vs other rack mounts I have tried, these are an awesome deal that helps the project at the same time.
    Seems like developing pfSense on these Rxxx series has really paid off in terms of performance.

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