Impossible speeds reported on dashboard traffic graph

  • Since upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.1 the real time traffic graph on the dashboard generally shows a higher usage than before (although we also switched providers at the same time and I suspect we are in fact getting better throughput).

    But what is puzzling me is that the graph quite often shows spikes well above 100Mbps.  The attached image shows one, although I've seen it go as high as about 130Mbps.

    But that interface is specifically set to 100Mbps


  • My guess would be that pfsense uses a combination of time/packets (pps) and packet size (64-1500) to calculate speed (Mb/s). So it's possible there were a few large packet counts (maybe jumbo frames) for a few milliseconds and it screwed up the math? This is a complete BS answer I'm just guessing.

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