• I am a newbie.Just installed pfSense on a Intel G2020 CPU.
    I have a very small ISP setup with 100+ Customers.
    I need a server that connects  my Clients with their user id and passwords and individual IPs.
    Please help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That is not a newbie question!  ;)
    It's outside my experience but there are others here doing similar things.
    You could use a PPPoE server to do that or perhaps PPtP.
    You could use the captive portal in some way but that might be totally inappropriate depending on what sort of customers you have.

    What are you using at the moment? How are your customers connecting? What are they connecting?


  • I think he is a newby in pfsense.

    @niftywiz - you may use actually pfs as your server. The general networkmap woud be:

    InternetSource > pfsense > switch > (option: wireless via antenna or wired services using)