• So looking at this page in the pfsense store, and doing a little research, something pops out at me.  Firstly, the above page states plainly:

    Hardware Specification:

    • Quad-Core Intel Xeon X3220 2.4Ghz Processor

    • 4 gigabytes ECC DDR2 RAM (Supports up to 8GB RAM)

    However, while perusing the Intel ARK, I find the following page:

    which states the following:

    ECC Memory Supported ‡ No

    Would someone with the facilities to do so please clear up the resultant inconsistency?  Either the processor is wrong and the system supports ECC RAM, or the page is wrong and the system does not  include ECC RAM, or somehow DDR2 supports installing ECC DIMs into places where ECC is not supported, and still functions properly as Non-ECC RAM, Which I doubt, or the last option is that all the information is consistent and these systems are somehow shipping in a non-functional state.

    Furthermore, would someone with the facility to do so please update the initial link I provided with the most concise data as it's known?

    Thank you in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    Well that Intel page also conflicts with the Dell specs page:
    That also states ECC RAM and Xeon X3200 series CPUs.

    The chipset used supports ECC RAM:
    The ECC line in the CPU spec seems irrelevant. The X3230 doesn't bother to list it.


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