PfSense WAN ok, LAN not working

  • Hi lads.
    I try to setup pfSense in VirtualBox.
    I have Windows2012 installed and running.
    My VB network configuration is typical:




    Now i try to setup my WindowsServer2012 testing platform, but with no luck :(
    My network configuration:

    So when i try ping something, i have:

    What am I doing wrong, where is the problem?
    Thanks in advence ..

  • You just left IRC..

    Anyway have you configured wan/lan to bridged? Because if not its 'impossible' to assing a IP from the same subnet to both your wan and lan interfaces..

    What i would do, change the lan side to and put your windows machine in that subnet also.

    Greets PiBa-NL

  • I just change configuration psSense LAN to:

    also change network adapter configuration in Windows Server 2012 to:

    and now i have connection between Windows Server and psSense

    next problem, i don't have Internet Connection in my Windows Server test platform :-/

  • On pfSense itself the wan works completely correct?

    Did you configure defaultgateway/dns to the new pfSense-LAN-IP ?

    Now try and see on the windows server
    -what happens if you "ping"
    -what happens if you "tracert"
    -what happens if you "ping"
    -can you show the output from 'ipconfig' ?

  • I managed to solve the problem by changing the configuration of the network addressing.

    Now i have Internet connection in my test platform.

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