Load balancing odd behaviour: load balance on port 80 only by firewall rules!!!

  • Hi,

    I have a pfSense 2.0.1 installed to isolate my internal network from external network. I setup load balancer for port 443 and everything work fine. I can disable/enable my servers in pool and all is fine but I have problem with my second load balancer as follows:

    1- I have not any pools for port 80
    2- I have not any virtual server with port 80
    3- I have no NAT rule to direct requests on port 80 to my internal servers
    4- I just have two firewall rules allowing access from on specific external IP (79.x.x.x) to two of my internal servers (172.x.x.x) on port 80

    With these conditions I see that my requests will be dispatched over my two internal servers (172.x.x.x) defined in firewall rules. Whenever I disable one of these rules all requests would be sent to another server!!!!

    I would appreciate if someone explains to me what the problem is that I cannot understand.


  • I could get the manager permission to take the service down for a couple of minutes. I restarted pfSense from Diagnostics -> reboot and now everything works fine as it is expected.