Cisco vlan switch port forward for access from itnernet

  • i wanted to port forward to a cisco vlan switch such that it can be accessed from the internet but it doesnt seem to work

    the default vlan on switch is 1 and management vlan is set to 10 which is the vlan for the lan network, im able to access switch web gui from the lan but even after doing port forward to it on pfsense im not able to access it, is it something to do with the way the vlan is configured or is it just not possible to access from the itnernet?

  • anyone?

  • i have a pfsense box with just one nic and it uses 5 vlans, 3 for wan and 2 for lan and all that seems to work but im just not able to access vlan config page even using port forward

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    So does the cisco switch have an actual gateway setup to pfsense.  If your trying to hit an IP on the cisco switch for its web interface from an IP other than the network that IP is on, then it needs to have a gateway to talk to.

    Also when you setup your port forward, are you actually outside your network when you try and access it, or on the local network just using pfsense public IP or a fqdn that points to that IP?

    Another thing to look at, if this gui is running on standard ports like 80 or 8080, etc. Its possible that many ISPs block these ports inbound if your not authed to run servers, etc.

  • my lan vlan is 10 and ip r and the cisco switch i have made management vlan as vlan10 and its ip is so basically its on the same subnet. On the cisco the default gateway isnt there, just the ip and subnet mask.

    from within lan im able to open the cisco web gui page but if i do a port forward and try to open the page it just wont come up, rest all of the port forwards to my lan devices all work fine.

    yes its running on port 80 only and my isp isnt blocking anything

  • solved it, by setting a default gateway in cisco switch to the pfsense box, thanks johnpoz for the help