Ntop taking a lot of disk space

  • Hello,

    ntop is taking about 195GB of disk space on my pfSense box!
    Can anyone help to solve this issue?

    Is it a configuration problem?


  • Disk usage is currently 92%!
    Will soon run out of disk space.

    Any help please?

  • I don't know ntop well but consider uninstalling it, rebooting and see if that clears it up. If so reinstall ntop and start over.

    If you're a Windows guy (like me). Install WinSCP on a pc, and connect to the pfsense box and look around at all the folder sizes. It's probably a bunch of logs taking up the space.

  • OK, I've uninstalled ntop, but it did not delete the files in /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces/*/AS/.
    That's where the files/folders that take up most of the disk space are located.

    Can I delete the /var/db/ntop tree manually?

  • OK. I'll try to delete the /var/db/ntop tree manually.
    Hopefully there will be no problem.

  • Everything looks fine after the deletion.
    Will try to re-install ntop and see.

    Is it OK to choose all the interfaces during the configuration?

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