Second LAN not being port-forwarded

  • I have the following setup

    <modem>–- (WAN) <pfsense>(LAN)  --- (subnet 8 port switch
                                              (LAN1) --- (subnet Wireless Accesspoint

    I have a server on LAN that I have setup and is able to port-forward to the internet.  I am curious why I am unable to ping my domain that gets pointed to this connection?

    Also I have a ip on the LAN1 that has port-forwarding but I am unable to connect to the open ports?  When I do an nmap of my router it just tells me the ports of the server on LAN1 that I have forwarded and not these other ports.  (Yes they are different ports).

    I am using 1.2RC3.</pfsense></modem>

  • enable NAT-reflection

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