OpenVPN and Layer 2 Bridge with user VPNs not working well.

  • I am fairly new to OpenVPN on pfSense.

    I have 2 pfSense FWs running 2.1 RELEASE

    Site 1 has a GW of and an external WAN IP with an openVPN server running in tap mode

    Site 2 has a GW of and an external WAM IP with an openVPN client running in tap mode.

    I can ping from site 1 to site 2 and everything works great.

    I then also have a second openVPN server running at Site 1 in tun mode.  users get address when connected.

    After making a connection users can see everything at site 1, but can't get to site 2.

    I am sure there is a rule I need to add somewhere to make this work, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get users VPNed into site 1 access to machines on the site 2 side.  Any help?


  • I guess machines at site 2 have GW set to - and has no route to VPN tunnel
    Maybe just add a static route on to route to
    and there might be an asymmetric routing issue come up because traffic in 1 direction only will go through

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