Problem with static route

  • Not sure what is going on here, I setup a static route to get to another network through a different router:

    Current Network:

    Network I need to get to:
    Router to get there:

    I am sure I have the static route setup correct but my machine behind the pfSense always goes out the gateway to try to get to the 10.115.1.x network.  I went to diagnostics and routes and found this(see attached), shouldn't that second route be "10.115.0/24"?  I've double checked everything I can think of but can't find any problems anywhere, plus unless it assumes it is a zero it is impossible to have a 10.115/24 network.


  • This is normal.
    Play around with other routes and you will notice that the routing table will display zeroes at the end in an abbreviated form (like the screenshot you posted)

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