MultiWAN with Policy based Routing?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have pfsense 2.0.3 istalled, and working properly. I have just one thing sought out to make my network better. So here is the problem,,,

    I have 4 WAN & 1 LAN, working with Multi WAN Loadbalancing & FailOver. Now the problem is here some sites i.e & others are blocked by ISP. So I moved on thinking to purchase VPN. I have managed to get VPN Connection to route Youtube from there,, i configured it by searching here, have 4 WAN so made 4 VPN Clients - each for separate WAN. – Its all set, but now how to manage pfsense to route only my desired websites (i.e youtube) from that VPN client and others from Direct WAN.

    Looking forward for your comments,, any idea hint or suggestion would be appreciated.

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