Multi-WAN with daily bandwidth limit links

  • I have been using gateway groups to load balance over 6 satellite links which have 650MB per day bandwidth each. The problem is when one of the links goes over its limit its reduces to 7kb/s and is pretty much useless but pfSense keeps routing traffic out the link. I would like to write a PHP script to probe the modem which has a bandwidth meter and if its close to its limit drop it out of the group until its back up to 100%. Good news is I know PHP well enough to do it. Bad news is all the modems have same ip and I don't know how to choose what WAN the PHP cURL request goes out to check the modems usage.

  • Possible solution: CURLOPT_INTERFACE I am pretty sure I tried this a long time ago and it did not work. Either way before I solve that problem I need to figure out how to add my own trigger level to gateways in gateway groups. Does anyone know the list of files the code for high ping and packet loss resides in?