Ooma VOIP Adapter on DMZ

  • Hi - I apologize if this topic has been beaten into the ground.  Am running pfsense 2.1 release.  Have 4 interfaces:

    • WAN
    • LAN (
    • OPT1-GUEST (
    • OPT2-DMZ (

    I've tried putting my Ooma VOIP adapter and using pfsense traffic shaping without success.  Other Ooma users have suggested either 1.) putting the Ooma between the modem and pfsense router or 2.) putting OOMA voip adapter in pfsense DMZ.

    When I connect Modem -> Ooma -> pfsense, my pfsense router loses internet connectivity.  I've not yet figured out whether I can put it into some sort of bridge mode.

    If I keep the VOIP adapter "behind" my pfsense router but on the DMZ interface, is it the same as having it in front of the router giving it priority access to internet bandwidth?  OR when my internet connection is being saturated by LAN clients behind pfsense, will the VOIP adapter still be impacted by LAN traffic?


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