Looking for Motherboard recomendations

  • Hi There, I am looking to make a new pfsense build (my first, altho I have run it in a few vms over the years).

    I am looking for something low power like an atom or AMD APU, all integrated and fanless if possible.  I would prefer intel nics but other brands that are know to work would be fine.

    I went through the forums and found alot of builds using the intel 2500 and 2800 boards but i cant seem to find any available execpt for afew on ebay and amazon that are over priced (I should note that I am in canada so newegg.ca ncix.com and canadacomputers.com are our big online retailers.

    I am currently on a 35/3 connection which in the next few years will get bumped to 150/20 or something like that.  I also want to run afew addons like clamav maybe snort.

    Can anyone make a suggestion for hardware?

    Thanks in Advance!