Allow access to more then one OpenVPN configuration

  • Hello,

    I'm new to the pfSense platform and would like some help configuring multiple OpenVPN connections to the same pfSense instance. The instance already has an OpenVPN connection to a branch office with a pre shared key. I would like to now add a second OpenVPN connection that allows Active Directory users to connect to the VPN when out of the office. I have already connected to AD and am at the point of building the new OpenVPN connection but am confused on how I need to select the port and 1194 is already used in the first connection and OpenVPN is already used in the first connection as well. How do I setup the new OpenVPN's port and then on the firewall to make sure only AD users can us the new VPN connection, authenticate against AD and use the correct connection type without interfering with the original OpenVPN configuration?

    Thanks everyone for your help and I'm sorry if this question is easy and I'm missing something simple.

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