Need help to configure pfsense for Ms Exchange

  • Hi All,
    As am newbie for pfsense, please help me how to configure pfsense for Ms Exchange 2010

  • Experts,
    Need your advise…

  • you're going to have to provide a lot more information for anyone to help.

    1. what does your network look like?
    2. what services in exchange are you providing?
    3. where do those exchange services need to be presented?


  • not sure exactly what you are asking but I do know exchange activesync need ports 990,999 and 5678 - 5679  forwarded to work.  Of course you need ports for smtp(s) and perhaps pop3(s) and/or imap(s) opened.  Also a submission port if you use that.
    you will need port 443 forwarded if you use owa