• Hi everyone,

    so I have tried to open my nat following the instruction which have been posted on the site, unfortunately I am not competent with computers. do I need to put in a mac address when mapping the console or do I just use the console ip address. if someone was able to give me a slightly more detailed instructions i should be able to make the changes. Sorry for being such a noob but my brother set me up with pfsense and he is not able to help as he is living away.

    kind regards jimmyt

  • All of NAT is done at layer 3, so you will use the IP address.

  • Thanks timthetortoise,

    il use the ip address and leave the mac address empty and then follow the instructions i found on the forum. There is also another issue, once i change to outbound manual nat will this have any effect on the rest of my network. why i am saying this is when i  tried manual nat i noticed i could not go on the internet. could this be because i only changed to manual nat without doing the rest of the steps, making a copy and assigning it the xbox ip and then moving it to the top. Do i need to make sure that something else is not going to complicate the change.


  • What are you trying to achieve here? Outbound NAT is really only used if you have multiple IP addresses and want specific devices to go out through specific ones. Most of the time if someone needs NAT for gaming, they're talking about inbound NAT. What, exactly, is the problem that you're trying to fix?

  • I am wanting to open my nat on my xbox one, and I only have the one gaming console. I was looking through the forum and found how people have done this.

    I have tried port forwading with no luck!, I am now looking at the upnp as this is what seems to work for xbox one. one of the stages of this method was to change to outbound nat.
    previously my xbox360 had an open nat with automatic nat but I was under the assumption the xbone was different.