• Guys, is there a possibilty (a system variable or something) to determine at runtime the carp status of the local machine?

    I need this, because I have to run some proprietary stuff on the machines, which acts as a client on the network. This stuff needs to be modified to be carp-compatible, for example it would only send client requests if the machine it is running on is in master state.

    Since the proprietary stuff is actually a perl script running locally, what I need is to be able to determine somehow from that script while it runs, if the machine is in master or backup state, and also catch when change happens (eg. by polling regularly the system variable or something similar).

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Look at the ifconfig status for any of the carp vips, it'll show master or backup.

  • Cool, thanks for the tip!