IMspector questions

  • Perhaps I'm just being stupid, but it seems like the only logging taking place
    is through my own PC. Meaning that any of my AIM(for example) sessions
    are logged, whereas no other PC on the LAN are.

    Am I doing something wrong? Am I just missing the obvious here?

    I would think it would be kind of odd that only my computer is logged
    just because coincidently I am the one monitoring the pfSense box.

    So odd.

    Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.

  • If you just enabled the package the other users on your network need to signoff and sign back on to AIM, etc before their messages will be logged.

  • that is a good point (already did that a while back)

    however, i think i realized the issue

    everyone else is using the new version of AIM (i use gaim/whatever)

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