SIP Registration Failed

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfSense 2.0.3 and I have 5 Cisco phones (SPA 303).

    Every day some or all of the phones get SIP Failed 408 - Request Timeout. WireShark shows "RegFailed".
    Usually about the same time. This can even be on nights when no one is using the phones.
    After 10 seconds or so, they can register again…

    Every phone is 1:1 NAT behind unique static public IP (I have 5 public IPs from my ISP).
    Conservative mode is enabled in pfSense.

    NAT Outbound Proxy is enabled on the phones. UDP ports are allowed IN / OUT from VOIP Service Provider IP / Servers.
    I don't have a PBX server inhouse.

    How should I setup pfSense? Shouldn't this work? Because each phone is 1:1 NAT with unique public IP...

    Please help, I'm getting insane.

  • Anyone? Anything?

    Am I really the only one with SIP problems?

  • Would you be inclined to try the Siproxd package?

    I have 5 registrations behind my box here at the present time pointed at two different sip servers. I do not have these issues.

  • Thank you chpalmer.

    Do you have any recommended settings or could you be so kind and show me your settings?

    I didn't think Siproxd was necessary on pfSense 2.0.3.

    Thank you again for your time and help!

  • Inbound is LAN (or whatever interface your phones are plugged into…)

    Outbound is WAN

    Ive never been able to make any other port but 5060 work.

    I have RTP enabled.

    You need to know what your phones are programmed to use.  Mine are programmed default Linksys  16384 - 16482

    I have both "DSCP Settings" boxes checked (optional)

    I also have Bogus VIA Networks enabled.  I don't think this will hurt if you don't need it.

    I have firewall rules allowing my sip servers port 5060 to the "WAN address".

    I have firewall rules allowing my RTP servers *port to WAN address 16384-16482

  • Hi chpalmer,

    point your devices to the siproxd or to the providers sip server?
    can you please provide some screenshots of your firewall rules and NAT settings? That would be great!  :P