• I have installed a brand new pfsense.

    After the installation I installed squid and squidguard.
    My next step was the connection between squid (proxy server) and my openldap server (ubuntu 12.04 server).

    From this moment on I was able to authenticate against my ldap server before accessing the Internet and all the acls from my
    squidguard configuration worked fine.

    Finally I tried to enable different acls for members of different OUs (students and teachers). So I enabled the ldapsearch on the first
    page of the squidguard configuration and wrote the ldapusersearch for the members of the ou teachers.
    Unfortunatelly all my acls where ignored from this moment on.

    After entering username and passwort for the squid authentification all users where garanted full access to the web and all my acls
    where ignored.

    Could you tell me which changes I have to make?

    Sorry for the bad English